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Breaking Barriers, One Concept at a Time. Pushing Boundaries Beyond the Ordinary. Welcome to Design Redefined.

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I pride myself on being more than just a brand studio – I am your strategic partner dedicated to shaping the future of your brand. My approach involves hands-on, user-centered thinking to generate ideas that go beyond just the "look and feel" and breathe life into brands.

My collaborative process integrates not just brand identity design but user experience and brand development. This cohesive collaboration spans from the initial conceptualization to the final execution, ensuring a holistic and enduring impact.

Together, we will forge remarkable ideas that not only captivate but also yield tangible results. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey for your brand, let's connect and bring your vision to reality.
Greetings! I'm Justin, the driving force behind our creative journey at DO MORE. Design Studio.

My life's mission is rooted in the unwavering commitment to serve others to the best of my ability. For me, the sole purpose for existing is to serve others. This means dedicating my skills, time, and knowledge to help you grow your community and effectively connect with people.

In every client collaboration, my mindset is clear – I am here to serve you. Brand design, especially in my perspective, goes beyond aesthetics; it's a powerful tool to communicate thoughts and ideas, creating a sense of community with your audience. People are at the heart of everything I do, and I firmly believe that genuine brand engagement leads to lifelong customers.

While conversion is a natural byproduct, my focus as a brand designer is never on conversion itself; it's always people first. Let's embark on a creative journey where your brand not only stands out but also resonates with the community you aim to build.
MY Services:
I believe in the power of letting MY work speak for itself

Not as a cliché, but as a genuine testament to the passion and talent that drives everything I do. My commitment goes beyond mere creativity – it's rooted in thorough research and extensive experience addressing real problems. Each decision, whether in strategy, development, design, or user experience, is carefully considered, ensuring a thoughtful and impactful outcome that reflects my dedication.

My diverse portfolio includes collaborations with a broad spectrum of organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative stealth start-ups. I've worked with non-profits, educational institutions, publishers, and both traditional and digital media outlets. My goal is to explore and push the boundaries of what's possible together, creating solutions that make a lasting impact. Discover the potential of transformative design with DO MORE. Design.
Branding is about telling a story. Branding helps companies better communicate their organization values, product and service offerings and why it matters to their customers. I understand that having a meaningful, well defined, brand narrative is critical to aligning your team internally and delivering your value proposition to the world.

I’m passionate about everything I create. But our Brand In Motion designs aren’t for us, my clients, or the judges of an award show — they’re for the audience.

My user-focused approach ensures a seamless digital experience, creating brand engagement that extends beyond the screen.

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Working with Justin Von Braun on my board game's Kickstarter campaign was like finding the missing piece to my creative puzzle.

Justin not only crafted the branding and design with skill but also brought a genuine passion for my project. It wasn't just about creating visuals; it was about telling the story of my board game through every pixel.

I can confidently say that Justin exceeded my expectations, and I'm genuinely excited about the results. If you're looking for someone who not only understands design but also dives into the soul of your brand, Justin is your guy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Justin Von Braun, and I'm already looking forward to our next creative adventure together. Let's build something amazing!
Kris R.
Founder at Blackletter Games
Absolutely Loved my experience with Justin.

Start to finish was a fantastic journey. Talented and passionate ...incredible results and will continue to use DO MORE Design Studio

Sevag S.
Owner at Impact Films
Justin took charge of our marketing materials at the heart of our downtown flagship office,

Handling every detail with a level of care that resonated with the essence of our brand. His commitment to perfection was more than just a professional standard; it was a personal dedication to ensuring that every aspect met the highest quality.

Working with Justin has been nothing short of a delightful experience.
Beyond the professional realm, he infused a human touch into every interaction, making the collaboration not just efficient but genuinely enjoyable. It's more than a business partnership; it's a testament to the seamless blend of skill, passion, and a positive spirit that Justin brings to the table.

Justin J. P.
Licensed Real Estate Agent at Brown Harris
Justin did an expert job on the rebranding of our recording studio.

The brand deck we ordered was built extremely fast and the results turned out amazing. Justin sent us a brand deck within a few hours. Our clients love the new logo and merchandise. We will definitely be working with Justin more in the future with our merchandise, website, flyers, etc.

Ryan S.
Owner at Rock Pro Media
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