Brewing Legacy: Van De Henzen's Arbor Belgian Tripel Unveiled
As a fervent enthusiast of traditional brewing methods and a seasoned designer, delving into the story of Van De Henzen's Arbor Belgian Tripel felt like unraveling a historical tapestry. Steeped in brewing tradition since the late 1700s, Van De Henzen stands as one of Sweden's oldest and most authentic breweries. The challenge lay in encapsulating centuries of history within a contemporary narrative that resonated with modern beer enthusiasts.
The mission was clear – to unveil the uniqueness of Arbor Belgian Tripel through a reinvigorated brand story. While respecting the historical significance, my goal was to transcend the conventional and create an identity that appealed to today's diverse beer consumer base.
Drawing inspiration from the rich tales embedded in the cracks of centuries-old oak beams, I sought to weave a narrative that mirrored the legacy of Arbor Belgian Tripel. The challenge was to capture the essence of the brew without overwhelming consumers. The concept was to blend history and modernity seamlessly.
Design Elements:
1. Narrative Redesign: Reimagining the label as a storytelling canvas, the beer's historical journey emerged. Each sip would now be a voyage through time, resonating with the tales told behind frothy mouths centuries ago.
2. Visual Harmony: The label design transitioned to a hazy copper-orange background, echoing the beer's appearance. This visual harmony aimed to evoke the senses before the first sip, setting the stage for an immersive experience.
3. Aromas Unveiled: Incorporating visual cues for the palate, the label highlighted the aromas – chocolate, barley malt, espresso, deep brown sugar, and citrus – inviting consumers to anticipate a sensory symphony with every Arbor Belgian Tripel.
4. Consumption Limit Note: A subtle touch on the label addressed the brewery's decision to limit consumption to three servings, emphasizing the brew's premium nature and the brewery's commitment to quality over quantity.
The final design encapsulates the rich history of Arbor Belgian Tripel while offering a contemporary and visually appealing experience. The label is not just a marker of a beer; it's an invitation to explore the depths of a centuries-old brewing legacy.
In the pursuit of redesigning Arbor Belgian Tripel's label, the aim was not just to create a visually pleasing packaging but to narrate a story that transcends time. The outcome is a label that stands as a testament to Van De Henzen's legacy, inviting beer enthusiasts to savor the heritage within each sip.

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