Rebranding Beach Break Beans: A Case Study in Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity
Introduction: The Art of Brand Transformation
In the dynamic world of branding, the transformation of Beach Break Beans stands out as a testament to the power of cohesive brand identity. This case study delves into the journey of reinventing a brand, highlighting the strategic approaches and creative decisions that led to a remarkable turnaround in the brand's market presence and customer engagement.
The Mission: A Vision for Change
In 2018, we embarked on a mission with Beach Break Beans, a nascent coffee brand with a straightforward yet compelling vision. Our goal was not merely to change a logo or a color scheme but to revitalize their brand identity, making it more cohesive, relatable, and appealing to their customers. This mission was driven by the understanding that a strong brand identity is crucial in differentiating a product in a competitive market.
The Outcome: Seizing Opportunity
Recognizing the potential in Beach Break Beans, still in its formative stages, presented a unique opportunity. O team was tasked with enhancing the brand's visual presence in a way that would nurture its growth without disrupting the existing market. This delicate balance required a deep understanding of the brand's core values and target audience.
The Impact: Beyond Aesthetics
Our rebranding initiative focused on creating an identity that was not only timeless but also fun and engaging. We aimed to transcend traditional branding norms and create a unique brand persona that resonated with a diverse audience. This approach resulted in a significant increase in social media engagement, a decrease in website bounce rates, and an uptick in customer conversion rates, proving the effectiveness of our strategy.
Services Rendered
We provided a suite of services tailored to meet the specific needs of Beach Break Beans:
Brand Strategy: Developing a comprehensive approach to position the brand in the market.
Brand Messaging & Positioning: Crafting a unique voice and message that resonated with the target audience.
Logo Design: Creating a visually appealing and memorable logo.
Style Guides: Establishing consistent branding guidelines for all visual and textual communications.
Illustration & Iconography: Enhancing the brand's visual storytelling.
Social Media Strategy: Developing a robust online presence that engages and grows the customer base.
The Story: Crafting a Unique Narrative
Beach Break Beans began its journey in Amsterdam, NE, in 2018. Founded by Rutger, the brand aimed to encapsulate the simple pleasure of a good coffee enjoyed after a surf session. The challenge was not just to create a brand but to weave a story that celebrated the essence of good coffee and vibes, steering clear of overcomplicated flavor profiles.
Color Palette Inspiration
Our color choices were deeply inspired by Rutger’s vision, leading us to select vibrant colors like Juicy Mango, Dried Papaya, and Bergamot Citrus, which not only reflected the product’s zest but also resonated with the brand's lively spirit.
Market Research and Community Feedback
Our approach included in-depth market research and community surveys. We delved into understanding the consumer's perspective on quality and flavor in coffee, ensuring that our branding strategy was not just visually appealing but also deeply connected with the customers' preferences and expectations.

Transformation: From Old to New
The logo's evolution was a journey of creativity, experimentation, and refinement. Our initial designs, which leaned towards an '80s flair, were gradually transformed as we sought a more distinctive and resonant branding element. Each iteration brought us closer to a logo that was not just a symbol but a representation of the brand’s soul.
Creating an Identity with 'Good Vibes'
The final breakthrough in the logo design process came with the development of the Aveline typeface. This typeface, infused with a '70s flair and bold structure, was key in appealing to the target audience. It symbolized the fusion of retro charm with modern boldness, embodying the spirit of the brand.
The Visuals: Telling the Brand Story
Our visual strategy for showcasing the new packaging and labels focused on authenticity and elegance. We used smart photography and clean mockups, incorporating elements that complemented the brand’s warm and earthy color palette. The visuals were not just about displaying a product; they were about telling a story, evoking emotions, and creating connections.
Conclusion: More Than Just a Brand
In rebranding Beach Break Beans, we didn’t just change the perception of a brand; we crafted a narrative that echoed the brand's core values of simplicity, quality, and good vibes. This case study is a vivid example of how a well-thought-out brand strategy can deeply resonate with its audience and create a lasting impact.
Beach Break Beans is more than just a coffee brand; it's a story of passion, innovation, and the transformative power of cohesive branding.

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