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I'd like to share (MY) thoughts and opinions on Mid Journey Version 6, which is currently in alpha stage.

While it's important to keep in mind that this version is a work in progress, I wanted to explore its capabilities and see what it can do in its current state.

First and foremost, Version 6 impresses with its ability to generate highly cinematic photorealistic images. It's remarkable to see how far technology has come in creating visuals that can almost fool the eye. Additionally, the software excels in producing editorial-style illustration images, making it a valuable tool for creative projects. Moreover, it's quite adept at crafting hyper realistic portrait images, which can be a huge asset for photographers and enthusiasts alike.

However, there's a noticeable gap when it comes to detail and definition in Version 6. With a native resolution of 1680 by 720, it may appear satisfactory when viewed on a typical screen like an iPhone 15. Still, as soon as you project it onto a larger display, the shortcomings become evident. The artifacting and pixelization in the images become apparent, reminding us that this version is still a work in progress.

The good news is that this limitation is not unusual for software in its alpha stage. We can hope that with the upcoming release of the full Version 6, there will be improvements, including the ability to upscale images to 3000 pixels or more. This would be a significant leap in enhancing the quality and versatility of the generated images.

In conclusion, Mid Journey Version 6 shows great promise, particularly in its ability to create cinematic, editorial, and anime-style images. However, it does have room for improvement in terms of detail and definition.

As we eagerly await the full release, we can look forward to seeing how this model evolves and continues to push the boundaries of image generation.

The following gallery encompasses 456 images created with Midjourney V6.

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