Animating Success: Unveiling MIT MUSEUM's Grand Opening in Kendakk Square
In collaboration with the MIT MUSEUM, our team embarked on an exciting project to mark the grand opening of their new space in Kendakk Square on October 2nd. Our focus was on creating a captivating series of liveboard animations strategically placed in the Boston Metro subway system.
The primary goal was to generate buzz and anticipation surrounding the MIT MUSEUM's grand opening. We aimed to engage the Boston Metro commuters, creating a seamless blend of information and entertainment that would leave a lasting impression.
We developed four distinct concept campaigns, each with its unique approach to capture the essence of MIT MUSEUM's innovation and impact. The final chosen concept seamlessly combined elements of history, technology, and art, creating an immersive experience for the audience.
Design Elements:
Concept One - "Innovation Timeline": This animation took commuters on a journey through time, highlighting key moments in MIT's history, leading up to the grand opening. Dynamic visuals and a timeline format kept the audience intrigued.
Concept Two - "Interactive Technology Showcase": Focused on MIT's technological contributions, this concept featured interactive elements, encouraging commuters to engage with the animations using their smartphones. It fostered a sense of participation and discovery.
Concept Three - "Art in Motion": Embracing the artistic side of MIT, this animation showcased visually stunning representations of notable art pieces from the museum. It aimed to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the intersection of art and science.
Concept Four - "Countdown to Kendakk": The chosen concept centered around a dynamic countdown to the grand opening, utilizing bold visuals, vibrant colors, and impactful messaging. It created a sense of urgency and excitement among commuters.
The final animation campaign successfully grabbed the attention of the Boston Metro commuters, creating a buzz around MIT MUSEUM's grand opening. The interactive elements of the chosen concept encouraged engagement, with commuters sharing their experiences on social media, further amplifying the museum's reach.
In crafting this series of liveboard animations, we not only met but exceeded the objectives set by MIT MUSEUM. The fusion of history, technology, and art in the chosen concept resonated well with the audience, leaving a memorable imprint and setting the stage for a successful grand opening in Kendakk Square. Our collaboration with MIT MUSEUM exemplifies the power of creative storytelling through animation in engaging diverse audiences.


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