As a devoted enthusiast of craft beer and a seasoned designer with a penchant for unique projects, the SUNSET COVE-RED 19 emerged as a passion-fueled endeavor. Drawing inspiration from the innovative Other Half Brewery in Brooklyn, NY, known for its Royal Red RPM IPA featuring an impressive 19 varieties of hops, I embarked on the creation of a Sunset Cove-themed RMP IPA mockup. This project, although unofficial, aimed to pay homage to the captivating Sunset Cove area in Brooklyn—a personal favorite—and inject a playful twist with a nod to the times, referencing the infamous Covid-19.
The primary objective of this endeavor was to conceptualize and design a visually appealing RMP IPA mockup for Other Half Brewery. Infused with the spirit of Sunset Cove and the unique hop variety of the Royal Red RPM, the goal was to create a captivating design that captured the essence of the location and the brew, albeit in an unofficial capacity.
Inspired by the rich and diverse elements of Sunset Cove, I delved into the conceptualization phase. The challenge lay in balancing the vibrancy of the Sunset Cove theme with the distinctive 19-hop feature of the Royal Red RPM. The result was a concept that seamlessly blended the two, creating a visually stunning mockup that mirrored the spirit of the location and the unique IPA.
Design Elements:
Sunset Cove Imagery: The mockup incorporated vibrant visuals of Sunset Cove, paying homage to the beloved Brooklyn locale. These images were seamlessly integrated into the label to evoke a sense of place and community.
Hop Varieties Iconography: To highlight the 19 hop varieties, iconography representing each type of hop adorned the label. This not only added a visually intriguing element but also communicated the complexity of the brew.
Typography and Play on Words: A carefully selected typography, reminiscent of Other Half Brewery's style, was used to craft a playful play on words, incorporating the Sunset Cove theme and humorously referencing Covid-19.
Color Palette: The color palette drew inspiration from the vibrant hues of a sunset, creating a visually stunning and cohesive design that captured the warmth and energy of Sunset Cove.
The resulting SUNSET COVE-RED 19 mockup successfully encapsulated the essence of both Sunset Cove and the Royal Red RPM. Its visual appeal, coupled with the clever play on words, contributed to a design that would undoubtedly stand out on the craft beer scene, even in its unofficial capacity.
The SUNSET COVE-RED 19 project was a creative exploration that seamlessly brought together elements of a beloved location and a renowned beer variety. While unofficial, the mockup served as a testament to the power of design in capturing the spirit of a place and a brew, hinting at the limitless possibilities that arise when passion and creativity intertwine in the world of craft beer.

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