Revitalizing TRIBE: A Coffee Project Rebranding Journey
Being a devoted coffee aficionado and an experienced designer, my passion for exceptional coffee led me to embark on a personal mission to transform the existing branding of TRIBE, a concept coffee project. Despite the commendable quality of the product, the current visual identity, centered around an "Asian Farmer" logo, lacked the essence of the outstanding coffee it encapsulated. Determined to breathe new life into TRIBE, I initiated a comprehensive rebranding effort.
The primary objective was a radical overhaul of TRIBE's visual identity, moving away from the existing "Asian Farmer" logo and addressing issues with the current wordmark. The aim was to craft a seamless and visually captivating brand that truly resonated with the premium nature of TRIBE's coffee.
Confronted with the challenge of integrating a new logo that complemented the existing theme, I took a different route. Recognizing the complications posed by long tails in the current wordmark, I opted to focus solely on a wordmark redesign. The decision to transform the two u's into lowercase characters provided the necessary spacing between the G and R, facilitating a smooth integration of subtext identifiers.
1. Wordmark Redesign: I replaced the original blackletter and Hindu typefaces with a modified version of Hidayatullah DEMO, a middle eastern style font. This resulted in a more visually balanced and readable wordmark.
2. Lowercase U's: The transformation of the two u's in TRIBE to lowercase effectively addressed the spacing issue, fostering a harmonious alignment between the G and R and minimizing competition between the main wordmark and subtext.
3. Subtext Integration: The modified font wasn't limited to the main wordmark; it seamlessly extended to the subtext, ensuring a unified visual language across all brand elements.
4. Logo Designs and Packaging: The final design incorporated diverse logo concepts and packaging elements that encapsulated the essence of TRIBE's premium coffee. I consciously avoided cartoonish or clipart-like visuals, opting for a more sophisticated representation.
The revitalized graphic identity successfully positioned TRIBE as a sophisticated and premium contender in the competitive coffee market. The redesigned wordmark and integrated subtext provided clarity and hierarchy, ensuring a seamless reading experience for consumers.
This rebranding journey for TRIBE wasn't just about fixing existing design issues but elevating the visual identity to match the excellence of the product. The result is a fresh and modern look that effectively communicates TRIBE's commitment to quality and passion for the art of coffee-making.

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