Revitalizing Victor's Taquería: A Graphic Identity Overhaul
In the midst of the challenging pandemic landscape, Victor's Taquería in Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico, recognized the need for a fresh approach to its brand image. As the demand for delivery and take-away services surged, the owners, Victor and Juanita, sought to redefine their graphic identity to align with the evolving market dynamics.
Our primary goal was to create a visual identity that not only conveyed the essence of Victor's – a small, unassuming eatery known for its high-quality cuisine – but also highlighted its enhanced focus on delivery and take-away services. The challenge was to strike a balance between the traditional charm of Acapulco's neighborhood restaurants and the contemporary appeal required to stand out in the competitive food delivery landscape.
Inspired by the vibrant graphics found in traditional Acapulco neighborhood restaurants and the iconic delivery brochures that have become a staple, we embarked on a journey to merge these elements with a refined and trendy touch. Our aim was to encapsulate Victor's unique vibe – a modest, lowkey establishment with a commitment to serving top-notch cuisine, personally overseen by the dedicated owners, Victor and Juanita.
Design Elements:
1. Traditional yet Contemporary Color Palette:
We incorporated warm, earthy tones reminiscent of Acapulco's traditional aesthetic, coupled with a modern twist to evoke a sense of freshness and relevance.
2. Iconic Imagery:
Utilizing iconic imagery associated with Acapulco's neighborhood eateries, we integrated illustrations of local landmarks, palm trees, and traditional Mexican elements. This created a visual link to the roots of Victor's while keeping it appealing to the broader community.
3. Typography and Logo Refinement:
We refined the logo to maintain a balance between tradition and modernity, choosing a font that echoed the handwritten feel often found in neighborhood establishments. The updated logo now stands as a symbol of Victor's commitment to authenticity and quality.
4. Delivery Brochure Redesign:
The delivery brochure underwent a complete makeover, adopting a sleek and organized layout. Clear, appetizing images of signature dishes took center stage, enticing customers to explore Victor's menu from the comfort of their homes.
The revamped graphic identity successfully positioned Victor's Taquería as a go-to destination for high-quality Mexican cuisine, whether enjoyed on-site or delivered to one's doorstep. The fusion of traditional and contemporary elements not only attracted the existing local customer base but also captivated a new audience seeking a culinary experience rooted in authenticity.
The collaboration with Victor's Taquería exemplifies our commitment to crafting brand identities that resonate with the unique character of each establishment. By infusing tradition with a modern twist, we ensured that Victor's not only weathered the challenges posed by the pandemic but emerged with a stronger and more appealing presence in the competitive food industry.

Victor's Del Taqueria was featured in Bon Appetit magazine for their Taco Nation edition, praising Victor's for their exquisite cuisine and smart eco-friendly packaging. Listing Victor's as one of the best taquerias in Mexico.

Victor's also runs a taco truck serving all of their best tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.
The taco truck can be found every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, noon till midnight near the Costa Azul waterfront.

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